A Sight on European Defence


Being in the military for 25 years, F. has been assigned several times in multinational headquarters at both operational and pol-mil levels. Before those assignments he attended the German general staff course, the Führungsakademy, along with German and other NATO or EU comrades. As well some years ago he had the opportunity to take part to ISAF operation in Afghanistan and had the opportunity at that time to work closely with european soldiers from 15 nations. Being now Colonel, time for more thinking has come.
This cultural background has developed some curiosity towards our neighbours leading to an attempt to understand better why building up a European Defence was so difficult despite our common History.
In order to have a better understanding of this issue, F. has decided to have a regular look at the media and official websites of the countries he practices the languages: France, Germany, Spain and in some occasions Finland. From those readings he will try to discriminate the ins and outs of European Defence which is taking form now and which could be really at Full Operational Capability only when our children will be grown up.
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