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I have just finished reading a long article expressing a harsh criticism of European construction. My overall impression is that I hope the author, Mr Robert Crowcroft is wrong, but his arguments mostly hit the bull’s eye. I really encourage you to read this post at the following address:


and then, for the part 2:


update: after having thought about it during the night, my assessment is that he is partly right, although extremely pessimistic and typical of a part of the British opinion. In that sense, his paper is anyway worth being read.

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  1. Thanks for signalling this. I added the following comment.

    Glad you tackled the subject. However, it lacks depth and research to say the Community process is ‘Byzantine’ and say that Europe’s claim to have brought peace via F-G reconcilation is ridiculuous. Not an argument!! Check the facts. W Europe now has the longest period of peace in more than 2000 years. In 1949 governments and think tanks expected war, even world war and continuous poverty in Europe. Check http://www.schuman.info/Strasbourg549.htm . In May 1949, Schuman said Europe was becoming instrumental in a coming world suicide — unless it initiated a supranational model. He predicted the Community solution would bring perpetual peace. In 1953 he said the institutions to do this were in place. Note he did not wait a few decades!! He said it was a scientific experiment on a new security system for Europe. It works! Why do Defence ‘experts’ not study the European secuirty system of the Community?? You can check the Monnet series on http://www.eurdemocracy.blogspot.com and other commentaries if you want to know how the European security system works and for example schuman.info/fed.htm

  2. David,
    I fully agree on the initial importance of FRA-GER reconciliation in European Union process. The idea that war at become impossible in Western Europe is really recent: Mitterrand and Thatcher were rather reluctant when West Germany reunified with the late DDR.

    By the way, thanks for those website that I will add to my favorites.

  3. Thanks f.
    The problem was that Mrs Thatcher and M. Mitterrand (even though he was a minister in one of Schuman’s governments) seem not to have read or understood the Schuman Declaration (www.schuman.info/9May1950.htm). It says that the intention of the Community is to make ‘war not only unthinkable but materially impossible’. In the 1940s at the UN and throughout the 1950s Schuman made it clear that the plan of the Community was designed to embrace the unification of Germany (West Germany and DDR) http://www.schuman.info/Germany.htm .

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