A Sight on European Defence

This morning on the radio I could hear the reporter telling us about 9.11.

I perfectly remember those days, some 9 years ago. In the following days and weeks, all of us wanted to express solidarity, compassion, empathy with the American people. Europe’s public opinion was supporting the US operation against the Taliban regime and their eradication of Afghan soil.

However, cracks appeared very soon and widened day after day.

May be, the US decision to wage war against Iraq, against a brutal and tyrannous regime, was the first one, as there was no obvious evidence of Baas party support to Al Qaida.

But may be, the first crack came at the moment the Europeans understood that their duty, as an ally, was to stand and fight side by side in Afghanistan. From the very beginning, the involvement in this war, with the exception of some countries (like the UK), remained limited, and in no case, at the level of our numerous and in some cases plethoric armed forces.

Today, the public opinion has forgotten why European soldiers are in Afghanistan.

Today, the public opinion, always ready to help and support does not want any more to support the USA.

Today, the public opinion just wants good news at the daily TV news.

Some days I really wonder what the public opinion really wants. Or I really wonder whether the European Opinion has not been cheated by some leaders who have let it think that Europe would be in peace for ever, because they felt we where no more ready to again accept war after the never ending wars of 20th century. Look: what was before a “ministry of war” has now become a “ministry of defence”, “war colleges” have been renamed “defence college”, as if war was banned of our languages and reserved to non-lethal wars.

May be should the armed forces and governments reorient progressively their approach and remind the public opinion that Europe, like any other region of the world, has suffered of war, still in the mid 90s, and fore sure will suffer again in the future. May be should our armed forces stop speaking of Defence and speak again of war.

May be should we stop speaking of past wars like as an horrible crime to be definitely rejected, but look at them as a terrible fate of mankind, trying to leave in peace between two wars. May be should we accept that war belongs to the destiny of our societies.

Where in the world and when in the past did we succeed to ban war for ever?

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