A Sight on European Defence

Today, while writing another post, I had opened my browser and was listening more precisely on some songs on YouTube.

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And so what, would you say?

One of those songs was “Rule Britannia”. Every nation needs myths to forge its unity. Myths of Glory, might it belong to the past, the present or the hope in a common and conquering future. This is the case of Spain, proud of Reconquista and its domination over the world, of Finland and Winter War, of France and Revolution and Great Britain with…, with… so many victories, conquests, and so on and so forth that one should need a book, or an encyclopaedia. All the more that defeats are rapidly forgotten when the nation is taking care by itself of its myths.

In any case, the only founding myth of Europe is the rejection of war, which was totally normal and welcome after the two World Wars. Currently, the dominating direction of public opinions and their governments is a strong pacifism, concretized by a very limited and even non-existing international ambition, the Union not being considered as a multiplier of influence by only from a financial and economical point of view.

Under such conditions, Europe is not willing to rule the waves and I am even not sure that they would be ready to sing something like “Britons never, never, never, shall be slaves”. For this reason, I am always more sceptical on an institutional European Defence and more convinced of the efficiency of bilateral or multilateral cooperation, exclusively opened to the most willing countries.

Then, as long as there will be no European federating Last Night of the Proms, European Defence will be based on the Nations, not on the Brussels institutions.

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