A Sight on European Defence

Today I received as usually the questions asked by the members of the German Parliament at their government.

I would like to underline one of them:it seems that past July a German employee of a private security company was killed in action. They express their concern on the allegations against some NATO-contracted companies, which could be involved in torture or which could have made business with the Taliban or other insurgents.

The question of the Green party (for the non European: the Green party aims a participating to the social-democrat governments and one of their leaders, Joschka Fischer, was minister of Foreign Affairs when Germany accepted to take part to the air campaign against Serbia in ’99) is very simple: they ask the German government to give details on their collaboration with those private security companies.

I know that this is a heavy debate in some continental European countries. Currently, they need more and more those companies for some logistic tasks in the risky operation areas.

However those governments should take care about the possible consequences of mishaps in those countries: are their public opinions and parliaments ready to close their eyes to possible crimes or misbehaviour?

I have some doubt. A clear and fruitful debate would be slower and more painful than a silence, but politically less risky, unless, you absolutely make sure of the real and effective activities of those companies.

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