A Sight on European Defence

After some months reading and writing on European Defence, time has come to start thinking over a definition for the expression ‘European Defence’. Indeed for many, it does not mean anything. For others, it means a European Army.

None of those meanings is valid. I think that European Defence is something else, that is a good definition worth. Along the days, I will develop the ideas on this page of my blog, in an attempt to clarify my own perception of the topic.

Your contributions are welcome.

First proposition: European Defence is not an alliance. An alliance must be strong enough so that a contracting party must be sure that its allies will support it, if needed. The rate of confidence of European Member States is not high enough to make sure that an attack against one is an attack against all. By the way, in the European Strategic concept, there is no enemy to EU. Therefore, against whom do we need a solidarity clause.

To be efficient from a military point of view, an alliance needs some leadership, or at least a small group of leaders, strong and determined enough to continue if a partner were to fail. In any case, one man, one vote, even if politically necessary with sovereign states, does not make a decision oriented coalition.

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